Head of Marketing Operations

San Francisco, California, United States · Operations


You will be the point person for new Directors as they navigate through the admissions phase of their setup process with Wonderschool. Our goal at Wonderschool is to build a scalable product that Directors can use to manage the entire experience of their school. Your goal will be to help Directors achieve their admissions goals (which typically means reaching their capacity as soon as possible) as quickly as possible using scalable cost effective channels.

Our goal is to empower Directors to handle a lot of the marketing themselves or use our platform for marketing and you will work with the CEO, engineering team, and design team to achieve these goals.

In this role you will be the point person to the executive team for parent growth. We expect you to hire and manage a team to enable you to hit your goals. You will work with the growth engineering team and manage the community success team.


The right person for this job is beyond excited to put in the work to succeed at a startup and take on the challenges of putting in 110%, being adaptable as we learn, and working with the team we have in place to achieve our goals.

You have experience communicating with mothers, you have experience recruiting experience educating and persuading people to do what’s in the best interest, you are competitive, a strategic thinker, very analytical, process driven, and excel at hitting goals. You have experience working with multiple personalities to achieve goals.

You are extremely excited about working with an engineering and design team to build world class product and you have experience building product in the past whether it was your main role or on a team doing so.

You have experience building and managing teams and are excited to both execute on tasks and also manage a team to execute on tasks.






Wonderschool invests in our people and our culture. We provide our employees with full medical, vision, and dental benefits, option to contribute to a 401K plan, and equity in our company. We anticipate a salary of $140K for this role.

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